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          I use my art as a means to promote social change, encouragement in one’s self, and resilience. I use the subject of social justice to insist on change in stereotypes of cultures through the concept of emotions; particularly with the negative way the black body is often viewed and treated in society. I use the psychology of color to emphasize the complexities of human emotions and behaviors. I am compelled by the portrait and the figure; as I robustly apply the oil paint on the canvas to bring the applied texture to the actual. I paint oil on canvas paintings of human figures based off of images I have taken throughout my daily life. These people are friends, family members, or just random strangers on the street that captured my eyes as a possible interesting subject for a painting. I base this off of the clothing the person was wearing, the way they wore their hair, or even just the facial expression they were making at that moment in time. When painting others, the images I use are taken by me with my cell phone. I strive to take the pictures without the people knowing right away in an attempt for a natural, genuine, almost candid feel.

          In our county’s current state of negativity between each other based off of different political views, racial identity, or financial status, my work will continue to emphasis the need for peace. My work is focused on people and the beauty in just being. It is not limited to the voice of one culture, but is speaking to all within our community, our society, our human race; while we respect our differences and honor our similarities.

©Angie Redmond Artist 2023

designed by Angie Redmond Artist

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