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            Angie Redmond is a Chicago based artist. She is currently pursuing her Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting at Northern Illinois University (2021). She received her Master of Science degree in Digital Art from Knowledge Systems Institute in Skokie, IL and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art (emphasizing in oil painting) from Albion College in Albion MI.  Her portfolio is focused on oil paintings. 


            Angie's artwork has been shown nationally in various museums, galleries, and universities (including Governor’s State University, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Northern Illinois University) ranging from Chicago, New York City, Miami, and Michigan. She had her first solo exhibition at Albion College in Michigan in 2018.  She was a finalist in the first Rush Philanthropies Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series in 2010 and exhibited at N'Namdi Center for Contemporary Art for the semi-finals. She also exhibited artwork in the 2015, 2019, and 2020 Museum of Science and Industry’s Black Creativity (winning Best in Show of the 2020 installment) and was voted winner of the Ultimate Painting Chicago Live Painting Competition in 2015. She is also the recipient of several art scholarships from Northern Illinois University; including the Arends Memorial Scholarship, the Olson Memorial Scholarship, the Olson Memorial Painting Scholarship, and the Helen Merritt Art Scholarship.


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